Vible V Bud Touch Controls

The touch controls offer a seamless and intuitive way to interact with your music and calls. With just a tap, you can play and pause music, as well as answer and hang up calls. Adjusting volume is equally easy; two taps on the right earbud increases volume, while two taps on the left decreases it.

For more advanced functionality, a triple tap on the left earbud toggles the microphone, allowing voice control over your phone. On the right earbud, three taps cycle through different modes: active noise cancelling, transparency mode, and regular mode.

When you need to manage calls efficiently, a two-second hold on either earbud will promptly end a call. Additionally, if you're listening to music, a two-second hold on the right earbud skips backward a song, while the left earbud skips forward with the same action.

To power down the earbuds, simply hold either bud for five seconds. These touch controls offer a blend of convenience and versatility, enhancing your listening experience with effortless control at your fingertips.